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Flushing High Classes of 1963-1967

In Memoriam

Linda Adler

Linda Adler - Class of 1964

G.O. Rep. Teacher's Aide. Died of cancer. Reported by David Scharf.

Ellen Alviene

Ellen Alviene- Class of 1964

G.O. Member. Teacher's Aide. Died of cancer in 2001. Reported by Bernadette LaStella Julich, Class of 1963.


Andy Anderson - Class of 1967

A great big teddy bear guy. Died in Vietnam. Reported by Sandy Carson, Class of 1967.


Zabi yearbook photo

Zabi Anvar recent photo

Zabi Anvar - Class of 1965

Forum, Gargoyle, Red, White and Blue. Took pictures for the 1965 Gargoyle, and some of his photos even showed up in the school paper. He was Senior Council rep, and GO rep, played 3 roles in L'IL ABNER, took roles in the student election plays, including and especially Captain Hook. Died in May, 2004 after an open heart procedure. Reported by his friends Albert Bagdadi (Bagdadipour), Class of 1965, and Vonda Carvajal.

Dorothy Bernstein photo

Dorothy Bernstein - Class of 1964

G.O. Member. Teacher's Aide. Reported by Karen Weizer Blake.

Steven Blawas

Steve Blawas - Class of 1967

Basketball Team. Swimming Team. Voted Most Popular. Reported by Ed Engel and Dave Rockir.

Arlene Blumenrich

Arlene Blumenrich Andelman - Class of 1965

Arista. Folio. Died of cancer in 2003. Reported by her niece.


Jimmy Brennon

of Patchogue, L.I., passed away in 1998. Reported by his best friend, Tom Winton

Barbara Brookmeyer

Barbara Brookmeyer - Class of 1965

GO Officer. Arista. Forum. Passed away several years ago. Reported by Gary Burns, who spoke to her brother, Ron Brookmeyer. Marsha Cohen remembers Barbara as an achiever who once took her to task for not trying hard enough. Marsha never forgot those words.

Gary Burns

Gary Burns, Class of 1966

Senior Show. Service Aide. One of the heads of the 1983 reunion committee. Passed away from cancer January 2001. Reported by Jane Krawchick Strauss and Ed Engel.

Susan Camp

Susan Camp, Class of 1965

Senior Orchestra. G.O. Rep. Teacher's Aide. Died in May, 2001. Reported by Karen Rosa.


Charles Case

Also attended J.H.S. 189. Died in 1980 in a motorcycle accident. Reported by his wife, Gail Katowitz Case, Class of 1967.


Frank Cavaioli, Class of 1966

Frank passed away in January, 1996 from heart disease. Reported by his friend and business partner, Louis Correri, Class of 1967.

Billy Chillianis

William "Billy" Chillianis , Class of 1963

Senior Band. J.V. Football. Teacher's Aide. Passed away in October 2004 after a lengthy illness. Reported by his wife, Rosemarie, and by Lou Pagliuca, Bayside HS, 1963

Mae Chu

Mae Chu Chin- Class of 1967

Mixed Chorus. Service Aide. Passed away in May of 1980 due to cancer. She was a registered nurse and is survived by her daughter Donna and husband, Peter Chin. Reported by her brother, Henry Chu, Class of 1970.

Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen - Class of 1963

Track Team. Service League Rep. G.O. Member. Died in 1999. Reported by Robert Ulan and Myra Wolf.

Hennie Cohen

Henrietta "Hennie" Cohen , Class of 1966

Service League. Service Aide. Died of lupus. Reported by Stephen Brotter by way of David Rockir.

Vivian Cohn

Vivian Cohn , Class of 1963

Vice President of the June Class. Secretary, G.O. Cheerleaders. Silver Blue. Died of breast cancer. Reported by Helene Schieber


Yvonne Davis

Yvonne Davis Cohen , Class of 1965

Board of Elections. Teacher's Aide. Folio Rep. Wife, mother, teacher, good friend. A wonderful person who had a heart of gold. Reported by Terry Tepperman, who also provided a much longer obituary.

John Eaton

John Eaton - Class of 1965

Red, White and Blue. Mixed Chorus. Senior Orchestra. Died in 2003, after a long battle with cancer. Reported by his friend, Mike Dowd, who went to Brooklyn Tech.

Arthur Elliot

Arthur Elliot - Class of 1966

Mixed Chorus. Service Aide. G.O. Member. Died in 2005, from lung/heart problems. Survived by his sister, Margaret, also Class of 1966. Reported by Barbara Fantozzi, Class of 1967.


Barry Faer - Class of 1965

Reported by his cousin, Barry Faer, Class of 1962.

Arlene Feldman

Arlene Feldman - Class of 1965

Service Aide. G.O. Member. Passed away in 2005 due to a heart attack. She always valued family and friends above all.   She left behind four children and three grandchildren.   they may contact me at for more information.   Arlene was an extremely hard worker.  She worked for Har Shalom in Potomac, MD, for 10 years. She continued to work from home selling antique currency online until she passed away.   She was one heck of a good woman and will be missed deeply by all who she touched with her kindness and her vibrant smile.  Reported by her son, Sean Cox.

Stuart Feller

Stuart Feller - Class of 1963

Baseball Team. Teacher's Aide. G.O. Member. Stuart committed suicide 11-29-2007. He was a wonderful, loving, husband and best friend. His wife, Barbara Feller, hopes everyone will remember him for the great guy that he was.

William Finger

William Finger - Class of 1965

JHS 189 Music Program. Passed away in 1985 of a heart attack. He left a wife and 3 sons, had lived in Homestead, Florida and was an employee of Eastern Airlines, just like his father had been before him. Reported by Bob Freiberger, who spoke to Billy's sister, Gail.


Arnold "Arnie" Fishbein - Class of 1963 or 1964

Passed away October, 2008. Reported by Gail Scarberg, Class of 1965.

Anne Fodera

Anne Fodera Rosengarten - Class of 1966

Girls Chorus. Service Aide, G.O. Member. Passed away January 2002. Reported by her lifelong friend, Nazeli Vartebedian, who remembers the two of them putting up with Mr. Gray's antics.

Hettie Frank

Hettie Frank - Class of 1967

Forum News Editor. Gargoyle. Senior Show choreographer. Passed away in September, 2005. Her remaining family members are her husband, Frederick Kahn, and her son Nick Kahn, and niece Marcea Hosay Barringer, who reported her passing. Hettie had a successful private practice in psychology


Margaret Gallagher - Class of 1964

P.S. 20. JHS 189. G.O. Member. Passed away in 2003. She had been handicaped all her life. She was very much involved in the handicapped circles over the years. She attended functions and political meetings that promoted changes in the laws for the benefits of the handicapped community. Because of the efforts of many people and her drive to ensure that officials made changes in the laws, the Handicapped Accessibilities Act on Public Transportation went into effect. Reported by her brother, Lawrence Gallagher, Class of 1967.

Jerome Gavil

Jerome Gavil - Class of 1963

Senior Orchestra. Silver Blue. Teacher's Aide. He passed away in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2008, after losing a two-year battle with cancer. Reported by his friend, Jerry Hirsch, Class of 1963.

Elfriede gherke

Elfriede Gehrke - Class of 1963

Honor Roll. Teacher's Aide. G.O.Member. Died July 1994. Reported by Ann Lesica, Class of 1963.


Carole Goldman - Class of 1962

Passed away in 1996 of breast cancer. Reported by her twin brother, Steve.

Herbert Goldstein

Herbert Goldstein

Mr. Herbert Goldstein - Art Teacher, Flushing High School, 1963-1991

Passed away in 2009. Reported by his daughter, Elana Goldstein, who teaches at P.S. 20.


Mrs. Guttenplan - Librarian, JHS 189

Beloved librarian for over 50 years, who served her children well and inspired at least one of her library squad (your webweaver) to become a librarian, too. She passed away April, 2001. Reported by her daughter, Tovah Guttenplan Rothman, Class of 1967.

Candace Harrington

Candace Harrington Staulcup , Class of 1963

It is with great sorrow that I want to report the passing of Candy Harrington Staulcup, class of 1963. Candy passed on October 5, 2007, one day short of her 62nd birthday. She had a long and courageous bout with ovarian cancer and is survived by her three children, Brian, Kimberly and Melissa.

Candy was a lifelong artist, worked in the advertising field, and did some of the art work in the 1963 yearbook. She was also in the Green & White student organization, drama club and was a cheerleader. I was privileged to get reacquainted with her through the FHS website in 2003, saw her in 2004, and stayed in contact until she passed. I considered her a dear friend and will always have fond memories of her.

This news was reported to me by her daughter, Melissa.
Eric Bense, Class of 1963.

Pamela Hausen

Pamela Hausen, Class of 1967

Senior Council, Boosters, G.O. Member. Passed away February, 2004, after a 9-year battle with breast cancer.  She fought valiantly and never allowed her disease to interfere with her zest for living, loving and family.  Reported by her sister, Denise Hausen Trezza, Class of 1969, who wants to share that:

"Pam was a special angel who showed us all the meaning of courage, dignity and grace throughout her life, but especially the last few years.  She was never a person to complain or give in to pain, discomfort, treatments or limitations put upon her.  She spread joy, love and laughter wherever she was and will be missed until we meet again.  "And then a Hero Comes Along"...she was my hero."


Fred Horowitz- Class of 1968

Died in 2003 after a bout of cancer and pneumonia. Reported by his brother, Phil, Class of 1964.

Rosemary Kearns

Rosemary Kearns - Class of 1964

Lost her battle with cancer several years ago. She had 3 children. Reported by her dear friends, Rita Cherrin Degnan and Janice Schneider.

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Fred Kuo, Jr. - J H. S 189 - 1959 - 1962

Graduated Carnegie Mellon in 1969 with a degree in engineering. Worked for the Washington Group, on the 91st floor of the WTC. Rest in peace. Reported by David Chin.

William Latto

Billy Latto - Class of 1963

Football team. Died soon after high school. Reported by Howard Ramer, Class of 1963.

Wendy Levins

Wendy Levins

Wendy Levins - Class of 1966

Arista. Forum. Feature Associate Editor, Folio. She received a scholarship to attend Vassar College, from which she graduated in 1971 with a BA in Philosophy. Wendy became a confirmed cultured New Yorker, who especially loved Shakespeare in the Park, performances of operas and of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas,and any drama from Ancient Greece that she could find. She also enjoyed judging chili competitions,
gourmet cooking, visiting Graceland, and doing yoga. She was an active member of
MENSA, the Vassar Club of New York City, and the Wolfe Pack.

She also loved to experience the world, traveling to places such as Egypt,
Russia, India, and Turkey. Wendy was also a successful career woman. She focused on employee benefits for many years, working for such major companies as Caltex, Avon, and UBS. At UBS she expanded her responsibilities to include executive compensation and when UBS moved to Connecticut, she went on to Morgan Stanley, where her final job was in corporate compensation.

Above all, Wendy was a very kind and generous person, who showed exceptional sensitivity to the human spirit. In addition to her work for Vassar, she gave many hours to helping the deaf as a TDD communicator. She volunteered on a suicide hotline and as a conflict resolution counselor. She took great interest in her friends' families and activities.

Wendy died in 2008, after a brave two-year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. She is survived by her cousins, Joan Rosenberg, Judi Terramo, and Shelley Lavene, and by many, many loving friends. She was the best friend anyone could want, always thoughtful, caring, and warm, and we who were privileged to know her miss her terribly.

Reported by Ann Agranoff, Class of 1966. Memorial website.

Allan Loewenthal
Allan Loewenthal

Allan Loewenthal - Class of 1966

Senior Band. G.O. Rep. Service League. Liked to cut classes and go to the Worlds Fair. Went there over 100 times. After FHS, Al attended NYC Community college and received a degree in Hotel management. Married FHS Class of 69 grad Phyllis Jansen . Joined the Police Dept in 1971. Divorced in 73. While on the Police Dept., attended Adelphi University and received a degree in criminal justice. Remarried in 1975. Al retired from the police in 1994 on a disability pension. Started selling real estate in 1986. He then moved to Boca Raton Fla. in 2000. Worked in Real Estate with his son and also had a daughter who is a college student. Leisure time activities included travelling, raising golden retrievers, listening to music from the 50's and 60's and corresponding with old HS friends and friends from the police dept. Died of a heart attack in 2001. Reported by Bobbie Minsky, who heard from his daughter, and by Lorraine Goldstein.


Joanne Merlob MacNeal - Class of 1966

Passed away August 18, 2005 from a stroke and heart attack. She was living in Mount Pleasant , SC at the time of her death, and has been buried in south Florida with her Dad.  Reported by her sister, Marian Merlob Ciccarelli, Class of 1967.


Joseph Mack - Class of 1967

Died in 1979. Reported by Arthur Ramer, Class of 1967.

Anthony Mangione

Mr. Anthony Mangione, English Teacher, Faculty Advisor

Reported by Fran Margolin, Class of 1977

Don Mermelstein

Donald Mermelstein- Class of 1966

Service Aide. G.O. Member. G.O. Rep. Died 08/30/90 in New York. Reported by Elliot Munjack who said that Donald was "my dearest friend of youth and a remarkable person."


Adrian William "Bill" Neumann, M.D. - Class of 1962

Died in 2001 of a stroke or heart attack. Reported by his close friend, Steven Shifreen, Class of 1964.

Thomas Pardo

Thomas Anthony Pardo - Class of 1967

Thomas Anthony Pardo, who attended Flushing HS around 1966-67 but may not have graduated, was killed in Vietnam in 1970. His sister, Kathy Pardo Mobarak (, is looking for anyone who knew Tom and can contribute a memory/anecdote to a memorial book she is creating.

Tom was a person of charm and sweetness, lost in that dreadful war which took so many.

Harvey Pearson

Harvey Pearson - Class of 1963

Silver Blue. Teacher's Aide. G.O. Member. Lived in Florida, owned and operated a successful florist shop in Hollywood/Emerald Hills area. Died around 1997. Reported by his dear friend, Marilyn Damesek.

Rae Plotkin

Rae Plotkin - Class of 1965

Rae was a friend and a neighbor. She died at 18 from a cerebral hemmorage. Reported by Marsha Cohen.

Carol Post

Carol Post Anselmo - Class of 1965

Board of Elections. Green and Blue. Service Aide. Married to Mark Anselmo, Class of 1964, with twin children, Jason & Leigh. Died several years ago after an illness. Reported by Marion Abramovitz

Nancy Romano

Nancy Romano Graziani- Class of 1964

Swimming Club. Leaders Club. G.O. Member. Died in l994 from breast cancer. Her sister, Linda Romano, Class of 1963, reports, "Nancy was an inspiration. She didn't let her illness define her, and when the time came she tried to help us prepare for her death. She was married to a wonderful man and left us two gorgeous girls (their Dad was a brilliant single parent) who are settled into building careers in Chicago, and support the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization."

Harris Rosenfeld

Harris Rosenfeld- Class of 1965

Service Aide. G.O. Member. Was married to Lynn Mitrani, Class of 1967. Died in August of 1976. Reported to Stan Goldman by a very close friend, Ronald Kunkin, who knew Harris from when they were in the 7th grade together at JHS 185. They both lived in Embassy  Arms.

Susan Rosenthal

Susan Rosenthal Spinner- Class of 1965

G.O. Member. Susan died January, 2002 from cancer. She leaves behind her husband of 34 years, Clifford, and their two married daughters, Randi and Andrea, as well as Susan's brother Robert and his family. Susan lived most of her married life in Seaford, Long Island, and the last six years in Missouri. She moved there when her husband was transferred to the home office of his company. Reported by good friend Gail Sherman Waxman.

Charlie Rosenstein

Charles Rosenstein - Class of 1966

Handball Team. Service Aide. G.O. Member. Died January 25, 1974.  Still missed to this day. Reported by Claudia Edison, Class of 1967.


Lynn Rosner - Class of 1961

Attended P.S. 193. Sister of Susan Rosner, Class of 1963. Died of ovarian cancer in 1996.

Linda Rudner

Linda Rudner Celentano - Class of 1961

Boosters. Service Aide. Died in 2001. Reported by Leslie Seeley.

Warren Sacks

Warren Sacks - Class of 1966

Basketball team. Service Aide. Warren was killed in a car accident around 1990. Reported by his friends Danny Hoffman and Frank Silverberg.

Stanley Salomon

Stanley Salomon - Class of 1966

Mixed Chorus. Service League. G.O. Show. Stanley died several years ago in a small plane accident. Reported by David Chin, Class of 1965.

Arthur Schulbaum

Arthur "Arte" Schulbaum - Class of 1963

Passed away in 1996 from cancer. Reported by his widow, Catherine Semprini Schulbaum, Class of 1963.

R Shaiman

Rose Shaiman Rind - Class of 1966

Senior Band. G.O. Rep. Servie Aide. Rose passed away in 1996 from pancreatic cancer. She was survived by her husband of 28 years, Arnie. They have two sons, Marc and Jason, now aged 29 and 25.Reported by her close friend, Fran Biederman.


Isabelle Smith, Staff

Teacher's aid who also worked in the lunchroom keeping us all in line. Passed away  Dec.3, 2001.  She was 86 years old and always spoke fondly of her days at F.H.S. and all the students she kept track of over the years. She loved working at FHS and loved all her "kids."  She loved the swim team and the football team and never missed a game. Reported by Marty Smith, Roberta  Smith, Sarah (Sally) Smith, Michele (Mickie) Smith.

Joseph Sturniolo

Joseph Sturniolo - Class of 1966

Arista. Boy Leader. Mixed Chorus. Service Aide. Passed away suddenly in April 1995 of a heart attack. He was a successful bond trader for Bear Stearns in Manhattan.  He had 3 children and now has a grandson. Reported by his sister, Lois Stergiopoulos.

Gwenne's yearbook photo
Gwenne Swartz recent photo

Gwenne Swartz Johnson - Class of 1966

Red, White and Blue. G.O. Chorus. Taught math and science in NYC, and was a Dean in a NYC Intermediate school. Married, with one child, Sean. Passed away in spring, 2005, of cancer. Reported by her friend , Frank Silverberg, Class of 1966.


Patricia Summers

Graduated in 1963 or 1964. Passed away of heart failure. Reported by her sister, Alice Summers, and Blanca Caamano Bugallo, Class of 1967.


Gerardo "Jerry" Tuosto

Jerry was a member of the class of 1962. He did not graduate since, having immigrated from Italy three or four years prior, he did not have command of enough English to be able to pass the English Regents. Jerry did obtain a GED in the Air Force. He served his country in a Special Forces Unit in Vietnam, serving numerous tours, surviving that hell only to become the victim of a drunk driver who struck his vehicle. Jerry was enroute home to his young daughter and his expectant wife when this tragedy took place in California where he resided. Jerry worked in the ironwork area of the construction industry, both as a laborer and a union rep. Prior to attending FHS, he attended Bleeker Jr. H.S. 185. At Flushing HS, he lettered as a member of the Track Team and was a shy and quiet soul with a huge heart of kindness. Reported by his friend, Joachim H. Ingellis, Class of 1962.

Alan Unold

Alan Unold - Class of 1961

On November 28th, 1980 Alan (37) and his wife Rosalie (42) were both tragic victims of the second worst Hotel Fre in United States history. They were both found dead in room 2368 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada where the fire there had claimed a total of 85 lives. Reported by his friend, Don Ryerson, Class of 1961.

Pam Volponi

Pamela Volponi - Class of 1966

G.O. Member. Pam joined IBM right out of high school. She worked for IBM in New York, NY, Norfolk, VA, Nashville, TN and finally as a Financial Operations Manager in Atlanta, GA. Her last project with IBM was so successful that there was a building wing named after her. She passed away in 1996 in Atlanta, GA from complications resulting from an obstruction in one of her internal organs. Reported by Sandra Virzi and Pam's sister, Valerie.

Michael Waxman

Michael Waxman - Class of 1962

A friend to many people. Reported by Steve Goldman, Class of 1962.


Geraldine "Geri" Wells - Class of 1968

Died in 1992 from multiple sclerosis. Reported by her sister, Suzanne Wells Goldwert, Class of 1963.

Doro Widdicombe

Dorothy Widdicombe Beltrami - Class of 1964

Teacher's Aide. G.O. Member. Died in 1997 of a heart attack. Reported by her friend, Judy Livingston.

Michael Zadan

Michael Zadan - Class of 1964

Service League Rep. Teacher's Aide. G.O. Member. Passed away in 2006, after suffering a stoke in his home in San Diego, CA. After graduating from FHS, Michael attended Queens College, and Brooklyn Law School. After working for a law firm in Atlanta, GA, for a few years, he moved to San Diego, CA, where he opened his own law practice, and later in his career, became a successful financial advisor, at which he worked until his untimely death. Reported by his friend, Jerry Hirsch, Class of 1963

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Nik Zedlovich - Teacher, Bleeker/Bayside

Nik Zedlovich came to Edward Bleeker Junior High School 185 as a gym teacher in 1960. He became an assistant principal and was a positive forced in molding children in this area for 30 years. A leader in the Russian Orthodox Church, and a proud father, uncle, grandfather, and brother in a large family. A family that has touched most of Whitestone, Flushing, and Bayside. Reported by Mitch Schwadron, JHS 185 graduate 1963, FHS Class of 1966.

Sandy Zucker

Sandy Zucker - Class of 1965

Green and Blue. G.O. Member. Passed away March 14, 2002.  He was living in Boulder, Colorado for the past 25 years. Reported by Ellen Fishman, Class of 1965.

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