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Flushing High Classes of 1963-1967

Thanks for your Thanks!

I have received many warm thoughts from alums who enjoy the site and I wanted to share them. As I frequently say, this website lives on love. Best, Rose

Thanks for putting up this site so that we can get in touch with old friends and memories.
Lisa Moskowitz, Class of 1965

It is so wonderful that you are taking the time to keep us all together.
Sandy Farkas, Class of 1967

I would like to commend you on the FHS web you have created . An
excellent thought, and job well done
Louis Pascarelli, Class of 1964

What an accomplishment! Even though my class went on without me & I was in Jan 1965, I consider myself part of 1964. Thank you for all your efforts
Jennifer Moser Zambrano, Class of 1965

I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts. I have enjoyed looking through the nearby yearbooks almost as much as my own.
Bruce Lebowitz, Class of 1963

Thank you so much for doing this. Your efforts keep so many memories alive for me and being a sentimental person this means a great deal. Have a very sweet day.
Jacqueline Weinstock Granath, class of 1963.

Thank you, thank you, thank you........I was so excited to see the yearbooks, not only for my senior year '66, but the others as well... I had friends who graduated in '65 that I wished I had gotten that Gargoyle as well.
Sandy Virzi, Class of 1966

Thank you so much for tackling such a huge job. I know I speak for many when I say how much your efforts are appreciated. So much time and energy went into making this accessible to the graduates of these years. You're a gem.
Barbara Morales Lipman, Class of '65

Just wanted to let you know that I spent part of this afternoon looking at the Flushing High website and the yearbooks. You have done an amazing job - getting all of the yearbooks onto the website. Thank you for keeping us informed and united.
Risë Kleppel, Class of 1965

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much it [the yearbook] means to me after losing mine.
Elaine Marcello, Class of 1964

Having been a "super senior" graduating in January I never got the 1967 yearbook. Your hard work is incredibly appreciated. Many, many thanks. Part of the fun is seeing some people from the class of '67 who I still see socially to this day.
Frank Teracino, Class of 1967

Bense and Milanos

I want to thank you again for giving me Mike Milano's email address. After 42 years we got together at his twin sister's (Marilyn Milano class of 63') home. What a great day! It was filled with laughs, surprises, fun and food and we all had a wonderful time. It seemed like all those years just melted away. It's amazing that we all live less than an hour away from each other and have for the past 35+ years. We all love the California lifestyle and weather. I guess, that's why we put up with the expense and all the natural disasters we have from time to time. Nevertheless, we are all back in touch and have vowed to create wonderful new memories and get togethers. Thanks for your dilligence and keeping this wonderful website alive. You make a lot of people happy.
Eric Bense, Class of 1963

You know every time I sit down and go through your labor of love,I get so nostalgic for the days that were.  Unfortunately we can't go back.  I would if I could. 
Adedra Sherard Dupree, Class of 1965

Thank you for all that you do for the FHS graduates. I visit the site often and I thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you for a GREAT JOB.
Mary Shio Chin, Class of 1964

I just recently became slightly 'web wise' of a sort, and was able to look up the web site and enjoy it. It was surely a wonderful service, helping many of us to be in touch again, to varying degrees. There is no doubt in my mind that that never would have happened otherwise. MANY blessings to you. Love Joan
Joan Newman, Class of 1963

Rose, thanks so much for responding and for the great job you have accomplished with your website. I am still in touch with lots of folks from FHS graduating class of 1962 and we're still having fun :-)
Helene Finkelstein, Class of 1962

Thank you so much for your friendship and for all your work on our behalf, to keep us all connected.
Wendy Levins, Class of 1966

Thank you SO much for the amazing thing that you have done. Many blessings, love Joan.
Joan Newman, Class of 1963

Thank you so much for putting forth this effort to build community and create friendship through the decades. I have spent hours of joy going through the site and have even emailed friends that I had lost touch with.
Wll my best, Shelley Sobel, Class of 1967

This truly must be a labor of love for you and you are doing an awesome job. Thank you so very much for your kindness, the wonderful memories, and fortaking care of the Flushing High School website.
You rock! Shelia Klein, Class of 1965

Hadn't had the chance to check out the site lately - been busy. But checked it out today and was pleasantly surprised at all the changes. I particularly loved all the pictures you posted from your visit in 2001. Keep up the great work. We all really enjoy it. Called Louisa today - it was her birthday......Take care, Charlene Vassalli - Class of '65

I have visited this website many times and just marvel at the exceptional job you have done in keeping the alumni connected.  In this hectic and often stressful world we live in, it's wonderful to be able to visit this website and return to a time when life was simpler.  I cherish  those special years we spent at Flushing High and the friends made along the way.  I am so glad you established this page so that I can personally thank you for all your tireless efforts. 
 Barbara Morales Lipman, Class of 1965 

What a special surprise to visit the site tonight after not checking in as frequently as I usually do. Love what you've done on many of the pages! Lean and clean look. Nice fonts, well conceived placements on the pages. Looking forward to more as you fill in the pages with great memories for all of us. Yasher Koach! May you grow from strength to strength. Live Long and Prosper. With Love,
Karen Rosa, Class of 1965

I've only just stmbled upon your wonderful website. What a treat to see the names of old classmates and friends, and to see what distinguished careers they have had. Who knew? I thought we were just kids passing notes (and tests), harassing teachers, writing poems, and making jokes. I was also disappointed to miss the names of some old classmates I would have loved to learn about.
Dr. Elaine Bander
English Department, Dawson College
Class of 1964

You do a fab job!
Linda Romano, Class of 1963

I ran into your web site last night and have gone thru the entire site. You did a GREAT job.I found several of my friends (& sent off emails) and places that I remember. Time and again, my reaction was "WOW!".
Robert DiMiceli, Class of 1963

I never really enjoyed my time in high school having been too shy. The several colleges I attended and the major firms I worked for over the years command (or so I thought) much more of my allegiance. Nevertheless I found myself intently studying studying a number of the sections and REMEMBERING. Far more gripping than I expected. Thanks for the effort.
Allen Fromowitz, Class of 1966

Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf!
Beth Lakenbach, Class of 1966

Thank you for scanning the entire '63 yearbook. I downloaded it to my hard drive and sometimes when I am feeling blue I just look through it and it makes me smile. I really appreciate all the work you did on our web site. It is really the best. Thanks so much.
Marilyn (Tiffany) Christensen, Class of 1963

The site is really wonderful, your kind and loving heart shines thru on every page.
Elliot Munjack, Class of 1966

Just a note to tell you a big thanks and Happy New Year! The thanks is for enabling me to get in touch with Candy Harrington. This past autumn my wife and I took a leisurely trip across the country and points east. We wound up in NY and got hold of Candy and arranged to spend a day with her. It was forty years since we last saw each other and we spent a lovely day together.
Eric Bense, Class of 1963

Thanks to whoever initiated, maintains and continues to nurture this wonderful website. It's been a real "Red Letter Day" for me [to stumble upon this website today.]
George McRae, Class Of 1963

Thanks, Rose...it's so great to scroll through and look at names and remember...
Vicki Ehrenman '66

Thanks for doing such a great job with the Flushing High site.  It's more fun than high school ever was.
Jackie Weinstock Granath
Class of '63

I have to tell you that finding this site is very exciting for me.  And, it's been fun already.  My husband and daughter were also very amused by my senior picture.
Terry Oliverio Pappas, Class of 1966

Thank you Rose for all the time you put into this site.  It is so rewarding.  The fountain of youth.
Virginia Henkel Foldoe, Class of 1965

I just viewed the FHS webite and wanted to thank you for a job well done. It takes a special person to take the time and effort to help people bring back fond memories of their youth. And it was sad to see the friends who have passed away, way before their time. Thanks so much for allowing me to get in touch with some old friends. It's easy to spend hours on the site.
Regards, George Segnini, Class of 1963

Thanks for doing the work you do on this; I love having this contact with my earlier life! (and home!)
Vicki Ehrenman '66

Looked through both yearbooks and they are great!! Saw some people that I recognized and wondered where some of the people I knew wound up...Anyway, Thanks!! John vonVolborth, '66

What a wonderful job you have done in putting this site together. I thas provided so many of us with such pleasure! Since you put my photo up, I have received several emails from lost friends, and so I thank you so much for your efforts.Marsha Silver '65

Many thanks again for all your efforts. You have made it so much fun for everyone. I heard on the radio the other day 19 million people have gotten reconnected with old friend thru the internet...you have certainly been BIG contributor to making that happen for all of us!! Trina Sinski, '63

Thanks for all you have done, and I see will continue to do to keep the F.H.S. website going. I really appreciate it. I have had such wonderful e-mails from former students going back 35 years. Thanks for all the work you do to keep the F.H.S. family in contact.
Jerry Freedman, Teacher

I truly can't believe what you have created for all of us "baby boomers".  All of your efforts and interests certainly do not go unrecognized... thanks for everything.... Rochelle Barach "66  (Shelly)
My deep appreciation for the marvelous job you are doing. I am having great pleasure in viewing the photos of the school and of my "kids". As a result of your web page, I am now in contact with many of my former
students and with a few of the teachers. Many thanks, June Sragow

You did a fantastic job on the reunion photos.  Can't believe how many '66  showed up -- not too many in my year '65.Thanks Sandi (Wilhelm) Wilson

Thank you so much for the pictures.
I did actually recall some of the people pictured, and it looked like a good time was had by all.
Your efforts on the web site are sincerely appreciated by this "Red Devil."
Norm Gershon Class of '64

Rose, this site is great. I felt like I was going down memory lane. In Memoriam makes you realize how lucky you are. I emailed it to my friends who are all from class 1965. Terry Glassberg Tepperman Class of 1965
Thanks, Rose, for posting the July 2002 reunion at Kutsher's for classes '59-'62 on your site. As of the beginning of April, we have 106 rooms booked for the weekend; 137 alumni and about 60 guests are signed up!  Enjoy your reunion in New Jersey later this month.  Regards, Gaye Kantor Besnoy, '61 
I wish to commend you on what a fantastic job you did on the FHS website.
The pictures and antedotes bring back a lot of happy memories. I now live in
Whitestone -- just can't get out of Queens! I remember the days when I knew
every Chinese family living in Flushing -- which amounted to just a handful.
When I walk along the Main Street area, I still picture where the old stores
were. There are times when I wanted to close my eyes and open them to the
days of yore -- I really miss them. Henry Chu, Class of 1970

This website of Rose's is fantastic.  I only wish that everybody on it would get their former friends to contact Rose and get on the site. I hope this website is around for a long time to come.  It is very well organized and I have enjoyed corresponding with many of you. Thanks Rose, and all of you.
I'm so delighted you have done the work to bring us all together. About a
year or so ago, I called Flushing HS and asked if there was any expressed
interest from alums and was told no. My husband searched [the web because] he wanted to find my lost yearbook and lo and behold, here we are.Thanks so much for all you've done.

So sorry I will not be able to make it to the class reunion in April [2002].... All my wishes to the class of '63 et al for a WONDERFUL reunion. Please tell them I will miss seeing everyone. Many thanks to you also for all the time and effort you have put into gathering information and creating your wonderful
website for Flushing High. I enjoy every time I go on line to see the new names on the list.

Thank you for scanning in the 1967 Year Book. I look forward to viewing it.
Your efforts are very much appreciated.
Rose, I didn't know you at Flushing - but thanks for all you've done.
Took a few moments to visit your website again today. Just wanted to let
you know that I think you're doing a wonderful job... it gets better and
better. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this such a great

Here is a Rose for you, Rose. I don't know you but thank you for all your hard work. Be Well. See Ya.

My thanks for an excellent website -- I have enjoyed the site, and was extremely pleased to find my former teacher, June Sragow, whom I recently saw again after 37 years at a luncheon with her and my family in Hollywood, Florida. And all because of your website!

I want you to know that my life has been enriched by the many e-mails I have received from former students. I want all of you to know how much I loved you during my teaching years and how much I love you now. I am sending an all-inclusive hug to all of you. June Sragow

I just want to tell you how much this website means to me. As part of the committee from the last reunion, back when computers were just being introduced, I find this refreshing and heartwarming. I love the fact that I can contact friends from that time of my life. Just because we haven't been in touch doesn't mean we were not friends then. Life lead us all in different directions but we all had "gym" -- ya know what I mean? We all graduated from this institution and at this time...... in our 50s,..... since the attack....... after Viet Nam....... it's time to embrace one another once more. It is a good time for the reunion. I was coming, then not coming.....but now I am definitely coming. Another friend who was not going to bother, is now coming. I am sure there will be more who feel the same way. I want to, again, thank you for all the work and hours you have put into this website. I am anxious to meet with you, to hug you..... See you then..... Maryann (Campisi)

Let me express my gratitude as I was recently laid off from my job (with a great severance package) and the FHS website/reunion deal has kept me busy reading and remembering. Thank you!!!!!

Thanks for e-mailing me the website!!! Fantastic - although it is so hard to see all those who have passed away.

Rose - You're an angel for devoting so much of your time to your Alma Mater. I'm sure those of us who frequent the sight and correspond with you, truly appreciate your efforts!

My husband was able to contact a very close friend that he hadn't seen or heard from in close to 30 years, He's not on the site, but someone else got in touch with my husband, who led him to Mike. We should be setting up a date to meet. It's very exciting! Thanks!

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