Around The Neighborhood
Rose Falanga
May and June 2001

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On May 25 and 31, 2001, Karen Rosa acted as tour guide to Kathi Kennedy and Rose Falanga as she drove us around the Flushing area. Much has changed, but much is the same. Some of the pictures are identified, some are still to be tagged. Have your pass ready, the bus is ready to leave the station...

botanical botanical1 botanical2 botanical3
botanical.jpg botanical1.jpg botanical2.jpg botanical3.jpg
botanical4 botanical5 botanical6 bowne_park1
botanical4.jpg botanical5.jpg botanical6.jpg bowne_park1.jpg
bowne_park2 bowne_park3 francis-lewis-park free-synagogue1
bowne_park2.jpg bowne_park3.jpg francis-lewis-pa... free-synagogue1.jpg