Class of 2001
Hector Costales


When Karen Rosa and Rose Falanga visited Flushing High in May, 2001, they met a nice young man in the Music Room named Hector Costales. Hector has since graduated and sent us these pictures of his newly-former classmates. He says:

"I personaly like looking at pictures or postcards of the past of Flushing H.S. Eventhough I attended Flushing H.S. for 4 years, when looking at the pictures, there were some things that I never got to see or that I didn't know were there. It's really amazing! The graduation was on Monday, June 25th at 12:30 in the afternoon. It was very memorable. Trully an experience I will never forget. Today ( June 27) we went to pick up our diplomas and report cards. It was officially the last day we all (seniors) arrived at Flushing H.S. as students. From now on, were are all alumni just like you and the rest who are on this site and spread around New York, the country and even the world. "

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