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2002 Reunion Pictures

Classes of 1963-1967

North Bergen New Jersey

we look young
we look old
some of us are slim
some not so slim
we have more hair
we have less hair
we found old friends
we found new friends

like in the yearbook
either our pictures show us
at our best
or at our worst

but unlike the yearbook
these pictures
show us happy


Please go on to the 2002 Reunion Web Gallery. Most of pictures have captions at the bottom. If I got a caption wrong or it is incomplete or missing and you know who the person is, please email me. Include in the email the name of the image (usually a number between 100 and 225) and the change you would like me to make.

Best, Rose

your thoughts, reactions, memories. Send us your photos, drawings, pictures of your grandchildren, urls. We were all there; let's be here, too.